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abhorsen, adelle dewitt, alec mcdowell, alice in wonderland, angel, angel: after the fall, anya jenkins, asperger syndrome, battlestar galactica, bears, buffy season eight, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/alec, caprica, caprica for season 2, caprica for season two, caprica six, caroline farrell, cats, charmed, children of earth, claire saunders, crossover, cylons, d'anna biers, dark angel, dark willow, darla, digimon, doctor who, dollhouse, donna noble, dreams, drusilla, faith lehane, faith/alec, helo, his dark materials, ianto jones, jack harkness, jackie tyler, jake simmonds, jensen ackles, kara thrace, kara/sam, kingdom hearts, labyrinth, laura roslin, lions, logan cale, madeline costley, martha jones, max guevara, merlin, mirrormask, number six, organization xiii, original cindy, paul ballard, princess mononoke, priya tsetsang, return to labyrinth, rose tyler, sabriel, sam anders, sarah jane smith, save caprica, sharon agathon, sharon valerii, simon lehane, slitheen, spike, spirited away, the dark crystal, the golden compass, the last unicorn, the neverending story, the old kingdom, the pendragon adventure, the sarah jane adventures, the snow queen, the tin man, the wizard of oz, tifa lockhart, tigers, tony ceccoli, topher brink, torchwood, toshiko sato, v, vampire willow, vampire xander, wicked, willow and tara, wolves, x5-493, x5-494
I enjoy reading and watching scifi/fantasy, and reading fanfiction based on it. I also write some fanfic, but I'm very slow in doing so.


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