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Leoben/Anders/Starbuck threesome

My Favorite Characters

A new "pinned" post. Will update if more strike me.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Melinda May
Angel - Cordelia Chase
Animorphs - Cassie
Babylon 5 - G'Kar
Battlestar Galactica - Sharon "Athena" Agathon
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Buffy Summers
Caprica - Lacey Rand
Class - Andrea Quill
Counterpart - Emily Burton / Emily Silk (both of them)
Crusade - Dureena Nafeel
Doctor Who - Donna Noble
Fantastic Beasts - Jacob Kowalski
Godzilla - Mothra
Harry Potter - Hermione Granger
Penny Dreadful - Frankenstein's Creature
The Sarah Jane Adventures - Sarah Jane Smith
A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones - Daenerys Targaryen
Torchwood - Toshiko Sato
Westworld - Maeve Millay


Soundtracks Owned

I'm keeping a list of the soundtracks I own. Will be updated as appropriate.

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Urgent: Puppy Needs Help After a Hit and Run!

Urgent: Puppy Needs Help After a Hit and Run!

Tasz's story is heartbreaking. He's in desperate need of immediate surgery and really needs your help. The adorable Pom-Poodle (Pomeranian and Poodle mix) was the victim of a hit and run on a busy street near his home.

His owner says she's struggling to pay for Tasz's surgery and care because, like so many people right now, she's financially strapped. The pandemic affected her job. "Due to COVID-19 shutdowns, my hours have been cut at work," she adds. "It would mean the world to have him with us. He was a happy dog."


The Sadness in Her Eyes Says It All

Help Mama Odetta Recover from a Tough Labor

When Motley Zoo Animal Rescue received a call about Mama Odetta, a pregnant pitbull kept with other dogs, they rushed to remove her so she could safely have her babies. But they arrived too late. The emergency vet determined that Mama Odetta had already given birth, but there was still a dead baby inside. (Later, the rescue would search endlessly for the missing pups, only to come up empty-handed.) They rushed Odetta into surgery, where they removed the baby and performed a spay procedure.

This sweet mama is now on the road to physical and emotional recovery. As she heals in foster care, Motley Zoo and her foster family search for ways to improve her mood, as she seems quite depressed. They may even place her with some puppies, to help both her and them.

You can help Odetta recover from a painful birth and surgery! She's had a tough start in life but is so sweet her fosters can't wait for her to heal and bloom into her best self. Your gift will go directly toward her procedure and recovery.

Help us meet Mama Odetta's goal of $4,500 to cover her medical care costs so she can find new joy in an easy-going dog life! Funds raised over this goal will help provide medical care to other shelter pets in need.


Help Conan Get the Surgery He Needs!

Help Conan Get the Surgery He Needs!

When Conan’s owners moved away, they abandoned him with nowhere to go. Neighbors saw this poor kitty walking around alone, and Angelico Cat Rescue took him in. Sadly, on the first night, rescue workers noticed that Conan struggled to chew his food.

Veterinarians discovered that Conan had an infected tooth. This means that every bite of every meal for Conan hurt. Even worse, he had fleas and mange from living outside.

Conan’s chance for recovery is very high. As soon as his infected tooth is extracted, he’ll go on a high-calorie wet food diet to put on healthy weight and get the medicine he needs. It won’t be long until he’s ready to find a forever home with your help!

GreaterGood.org is raising the $5,200 needed to perform Conan’s surgery and help him recover. With your contribution, we can help this wonderful feline live a happy and healthy life without infection and find a family that will cherish this kitty forever!



Petition to Drop All Charges Against Incarcerated Trafficking Survivor Chrystul Kizer!

Petition to Drop All Charges Against Incarcerated Trafficking Survivor Chrystul Kizer!


She's being charged with murder and facing life in prison for killing her trafficker in self-defense. Yes, this is in America. Her hearing is tomorrow.